5 Ways to Kill a Big Idea

Big Thinking in Action

I have a Big Idea on my mind (more on that later).  I have been noodling on it for months.  Sometimes it even keeps me awake at night as I envision every detail from how I will build the experience, to who will excitedly take advantage of the opportunity and how the experience will impact the lives and businesses of those who do.

I’m so excited about it, and so convinced of its viability and potential impact, I am confounded that I haven’t taken any action on it… yet.

Thankfully, I work with amazing clients and colleagues and I realize I’m not alone.  As someone who will excitedly roll up her sleeves every day to support big thinkers to gain clarity and move into action, I’ve been curiously observing where inertia comes from when we have an idea that is so alive it seems like it should have a momentum all its own.

5 Ways to Kill a Big Idea

  1. Resist Failure and Floundering. Ewww.  Even just the words can make a brave stomach turn.  We tend to veer far away from both… and who wouldn’t?  They’re messy.  They shatter our closely-guarded image that we are perfect and infallible.  They swing the door open wide for every gremlin of a thought and demolisher of self-confidence to march right in.  And, yet… what if big failure equated to even bigger success?
  2. Forget Yourself. You are the engine of innovation in your business, so if you want to ensure that your engine sputters and gags, don’t make time for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practices that support a high-level of sustainable performance.
  3. Stay Busy. Busy-ness keeps us feeling important and valuable (“Look!  Someone or something needs me!”).  It also keeps us from having the space to ponder the big questions that emerge in the pause between actions.  Eliminating busy-ness — setting boundaries on email, saying “no” to an opportunity so you can say “yes” to the right opportunity, crafting your ideal schedule and sticking to it — takes courage.  It is a lot easier to be too busy to make space and get focused on what is deeply meaningful to you.
  4. Keep Deep Clutter. In her post on Deep Clutter, blogger Mary Jaksch hits the nail on the head – there’s a lot of talk about “shallow clutter.”  Shallow clutter comes from having too much stuff and a lack of systems and priorities.  Clearing shallow clutter only increases productivity and focus if you’re willing to clear the “deep clutter.” Some elements of deep clutter are “shoulds,” “have-tos,” old habits, and people-pleasing actions.
  5. Tolerate It. Tolerate what?  Whatever is keeping you small.  An old business model, avoiding a difficult conversation, or believing it can’t be done because you don’t see it being done (embrace you’re “inner-innovator”!  Doing what hasn’t been done is what innovators do!).

The Challenge

I’m willing to bet that you have a Big Idea you’ve been thinking about.

  • A new business model to support your evolving life?
  • The intellectual capital you’re ready to turn into recurring revenue?
  • The book you want to get on paper?

I’m throwing down the gauntlet.  I’m going to tell you about my Big Idea, and I want to hear about yours.  With deadlines.  No squirming out.

Here’s mine….

In August 2010, I will be launching a new one-on-one engagement option for clients ready to stop tolerating “small” and start taking action on the Big Idea they are ready to bring to life….

One Big Idea (or the desire to uncover one).
Two brains.
From Vision to Tangible Plan in 48 hours.
Turn down the noise.  Turn up the innovation.
Move into action.

This Private Client Retreat Launch Pad will consist of:

  • One month of one-to-one “clarity coaching” to prepare you to get the most from the retreat.
  • Two days face-to-face coaching, co-creative discovery, and joint action-planning  at a luxurious mountain resort.
  • Six follow-up accountability coaching sessions to keep the momentum from the retreat alive and move past the to-be-expected blocks.
  • The support and guidance to clean the mental clutter, get clarity on your vision, and overcome any resistance to action.

There it is.  My current Big Idea and a due date to boot.  Stay tuned for more to come.

What’s your idea and when is your deadline?  I want to hear about it…

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